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Another day has come and gone by very quickly today.  It is a little after 9 PM on a Thursday night and. Usually I am already in bed getting ready to go to sleep, but that is not so tonight.  Even though another day has come and soon I will be heading to bed for the night, I am so happy to find that today was much better than yesterday although I am still feeling a little hormonal due to the “woman thing”.  At my age, I do have to say I am glad I still deal with some of the aspects of the “woman thing”, but my emotional outbursts and thoughts need to find better avenues from this day forward.  I still cannot come up with the right words to express what happened yesterday because some words were said that should not have been said. I swear up when my emotions and thoughts go berserk/haywire…however you want to put it.  When I swear, I know it is still me swearing up a storm, but honestly…the evil side of me comes out…the out of control me from so long ago who did not have any idea of what being a Christian was.  Oh…believe me, I do remember what was said, why I said what I said, and where my words were aimed at/for, and my heart would like to forget about it from this day forward because I know I will have more days like this in the future.  Not anymore, this week…please…I have something to hard to work on from this day forward.  I know God is not pleased with me right now.  In the meantime, I will be back sometime tomorrow before Sabbath begins…hopefully…it is in the plans in my mind now.  Today my mom celebrated her 74th birthday even though she did not really celebrate…I acknowledged it to her a couple of times today.  She told me that her birthday was just another day.  As we get older, I guess certain occasions do blur in our lives as another day from time to time.

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