Spring? Where is it?

The weather this weekend has proven to be weather from days of winter.  Yes, we have had some rain, snow and sleet, and colder temperatures.  What has happened to spring?  It has arrived according to the calendar, but the weather has proven to be something else these days.  Spring will come on its own when it is ready.  I know I am not the only person who lives in Wisconsin who feels the change to be a bit frustrating.  Some days I have come to find that patience is very hard to have when things do not go according to my plans of life, and that is one lesson in life I have to work on more/better in the days to come.  Even today I have been home all day and did not go anywhere whatsoever because I did not trust the temperature, the streets, and drivers driving around DKF.  Having DKF here from 8 AM to 2 PM, she went to the grocery store for/without me today.  She went to Wal-Mart instead of Woodman’s today.

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