A Particular View

Some more time has lapsed since my last entry once again.  Today is the first time I have written since, I believe, April 19.  So much has gone on around me that I have been keeping to myself and a kind gentleman not everyone understands has been coming over every day to see Bing Crosby the Cat by giving him some pets, rubs, conversation, a treat or two, and handing me a dark chocolate bar or a popsicle or two.  Now my freezer has some popsicles in it, lol.

You are probably wondering why I said “a kind gentleman not everyone understands.  Let me clear it up…. Other tenants just do not like him and think he is a grumpy old man, but then again, I have seen how other tenants treat him in turn.  No wonder he is grumpy with them.  This is one reason of my business being my own and not involving other tenants into my life like I once did.  This gentleman is a little different in ways that it takes patience and pleasure to have this gentleman come into my home to allow him to get his “cat” fix because he loves felines.

How do I find this gentleman?  Well, he is older and a grandpa sort of man.  He is a little different from many “grandpa’s” I have gotten to know throughout the years.  He is a nice man, a little grumpy at times, but his time here in my apartment, he’s not a grump at all.  It makes my heart seep with some sadness and anger that other tenants do not like him, but then again it takes a certain clique of people to make someone grumpy and unwilling to be friendly I surmise or observe.  This gentleman is welcome in my home to see Bing Crosby the Cat any time I am able to have company come in and I do not care who sees it and wonders what goes on in here.  A lot of tenants like Bing Crosby the Cat who sits in the window in the living room watching the birds, cars, ground animals, the tenants coming and going, and chatting out back by the smoking corner.  Bing Crosby the Cat has fans and he has his favorite people wrapped around his big paws as well, lol.


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