Eye Appointment

Eye Appointment

I was so worried about my left eye because of the floater I have had for a few months (since last summer it was noticed).  I had my eyes looked at and learned about peripheral vision.  When the girl examined my eyes and did the test to check peripheral vision, I had gotten a little anxious because she said I had some peripheral vision loss.  The questions popped up in my anxious mind “when did this happen?”, “am I going to go blind soon?”, and “how it can be?   I was a little scared that my sight was changing for the worse.  After the examination was over by the girl who was doing the initial tests, a resident doctor came in and examined my eyes after dilation took hold and explained about the membrane I had in the back on the eye.  More anxiety and confusion.  The thought “what is going on? Popped on my mind big time.  I could not wait to see Dr. K because he would explain away my anxiousness before I left for home.

With Dr. K, the appointment went just fine.  He explained the peripheral vision issue I was all of a sudden panicking about, telling me that I have had it ever since I was born due to brain injury that had caused cerebral palsy.  He also explained the membrane in the back of the left eye just like the resident doctor Dr. R did, and that Dr. K will keep an eye on it every year from now.  As far as my vision is concerned nothing has changed once again.  I have an understanding of what is happening, and I still see 20/20 in the L eye and 20/40 in the R eye.  Understandable…. I have had the same prescription since 2014.  Dr. K felt that since my eyes did not change enough for a new prescription.  I left within an hour thinking that I was going to be there for two hours and got home 9 minutes after the time my designated ride was for pick up after appointment was scheduled at 4:20 PM.

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