It Seemed to be One Big Storm

It Seemed to be One Big Storm

Oh my goodness gracious…I am glad to be home now!  I am glad I got home when I did.  I knew we were expecting a thunderstorm, but I did not know how severe it was going to be until I had gotten a weather alert on my trusty iPhone weather app that lets me know of severe weather coming my way in Janesville, Wisconsin.  The sky began to show lightning and Bing Crosby the Cat was sitting on my lap, and his demeanor was nervous as he looked outside until the hail began to fall down hard against the windows.  Poof, Bing Crosby the Cat bolted from my lap so fast that I did not see where he ran off to.  I dropped everything I was doing to go looking for him.  After failed attempts of finding Bing in any of his usual hiding spots, I finally decided to look more closely in the bathroom and found him lying on the shower floor underneath the shower chair.  What a smart cat!  I always told him to go hide in the bathroom when it stormed if he got scared, and there he was in the bathroom on the shower floor.  I never taught Bing this, but I did tell him he would be safe in the bathroom if he was scared of storms.

The storm scared me as well.  The hail that we had was frightening.  It came down so hard that I thought it was going to break the glass windows.  I was not planning on going to bed until the storm was over and Bing was not frightened anymore.  As far as our safety, I was leaving it up to God as the hail kept beating against the windows in the living room and bedroom as it sounded like it wanted to come into the apartment.  I, too, wanted to bolt into the bathroom shower and sit where it was not so noisy, but at the same time I knew I needed to be brave for Bing and myself, and of course God.

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