The Conversation I Had With A Tenant

The Conversation I Had with A Tenant

Please be rest assured that my conversations with other people are at a minimum when it comes to all the tenants here.  I do not know what gets shared or repeated around here when it comes to the cliques we have around here.  I did have a conversation with a tenant here, in my apartment, about our former neighbor RS who got evicted from here because she was not abiding by the rules of living here, and her boyfriend was causing so much trouble.  One of the things I. have been having trouble with regarding RS and her boyfriend is letting go and forgiving RS for what she had done to me when her boyfriend got into the picture.  I went through six months of ongoing noise from above me practically 24/7.  Even after 10 PM when it was to be quiet.  The walls are so thin that you can hear a pin drop on the floor of the apartment above you.  Anyway, I do have to admit that the conversation with this one tenant took a turn, enough for me to write about it the next day in my diary to share with others that I am struggling with letting things go as well as forgiving my former neighbor RS.  The neighbor/tenant told me that I should let it go and forgive RS.  How right she is as far as the situation we have been talking about.  As of right now, hard it is going to be, I am going to let RS and her boyfriend be where they have been since they left – in the past, forgive her, and move on/. Thank you, Mrs. S!!

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