An Emotional Day

It is already the month of June.  Wow!  Where did May go?  It went by so fast into June is how the month of May went.  Now that I am in the month of June, I can concentrate on a new month – another chapter in the life.  I do have to admit that first day of the month, I have had an emotional day.  Laughter, tears, frustration, confusion, and accomplishments made.  If I went into what caused my emotional day, it would take more than one page to write all about it, but then again, this is a diary – my diary.  If I did not write in a diary about what I am feeling or experiencing then I would not be telling the truth to others.  I have to be truthful, and today was an emotional day.

Since I get deposits on the 3rd of the month unless the 3rd falls on a weekend then I get deposits on the 1st.  Today, I went to get my nails done, but by 5 PM, one of my nails broke.  I have not been satisfied with how my nails were done the past two times, and my intent on going back to this company is not happening, but I will get my broken nail fixed as soon as possible.  This is where I feel disappointed with a company I thought was very good but opinions do change from time to time.  I was indeed very disappointed on how my nails turned out.  Yes, a nail breaks from time to time, but when they break to the point of being too short, that feelings is annoyance.  Now, I am not a girly girl, but I do want my hair to look decent and nice when I go to church, and my nails need to be done up nicely as well.  I do where dresses and skirts from time to time, but I am not a girly girl.  Whenever there is a chance, I will wear clothes of comfort more so than looks.  I keep to myself most of the time anyway.

During the week, I have received a call from iLife saying that my two workers DKF and AR had their hours cut because during the week somewhere in one of their time sheets, one of my workers claimed over 27.5 by going to 30 hours.  I found out it was AR claimed 5 hours of PC (personal cares).  It was a mistake on my part…but now, I believe, we have it under control, and situated properly.  This morning while getting my nails done, the session proved to be a disappointment right along with the idea of hearing my worker DKF told me that her husband wanted to talk about her job, and I thought immediately I was gong to lose DKF.   I was told I was not going to lose DKF.

Most of the time, when the snow is right for packing, we can make snowballs, right? I know that we are in the summer season now, but I am not hear talking about winter.  When I have emotional days, and today has been one very emotional day for me.  When a snowball rolls down the hill and becomes bigger in until it captures the character its path in cartoons, it reminds me about when it rains it pours.  Today was one of those days.

I have changed my grocery shopping store from Woodman’s to Wal-Mart Superstore and DKF and I went grocery shopping.  No motorized carts were available so I ended up walking the store with my walker.  Getting through the store and back to the vehicle in the parking lot was a successful experience.  I feel pleased of making it all through the store even though I had to stop and rest a few times.  DKF and I had a few good laughs at the store because we ran into a shopper using one of the motorized carts was being goofy, silly, and flirty with me.  Men!  This gentleman was a little older and just being himself. When we saw him in an aisle in Wal-Mart, I did not expect to see him in the same checkout counter, as he came in behind us acting goofy and silly until we left the store while he checked out his items.  As we got to DKF’s vehicle, I saw a middle school colleague and we ended up talking for a while in the parking lot before finally heading back to my place to put my groceries away.

As far as I am concerned, my day was filled with mixed emotions.

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