Another Day and Happy Birthday Grandpa

Another birthday is remember today. Although my maternal grandfather has been gone since February 15, 2003, I remember his birthday every year. I texted my mom earlier today and asked her if she remembers what today would have been and she replied back to me saying she did remember by texting “yep”. My grandfather, if alive today, would be 106 years old. Now, that is old, and I am glad my grandpa is not alive today seeing what is happening in the world. Although the last few years of his life he did not know what was going on except living from one day to the next until he passed away, he would not have liked what was going on all over the world if he had a very good mind. Losing a loved one may be a sad moment in one’s life that will take some getting used to as the years continue to move ahead, I have come to understand that God has a plan for everything.God knows what he is doing, why he is doing it, and plans accordingly. He will never fail. God never failing may be not understood by everyone, but it is true that God does not fail.

Yesterday, I had a birthday I did not want to remember and today is a birthday I do want to remember. How can that be? It depends on the person. Although my friend is not in my life today, I do wish him well in his life and want him to be happy. What happened to us was the need to grow up and be apart. The friendship I had with this friend was what it was until it ended.

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