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do not mind having company over. When it comes to my IRIS hired worker’s grandson DP (found out today his last name starts with an M — actually)…. DM is a very good kid at 9. He likes and does not like things like every kid I have come across and DM is a very special boy as well. When it comes to parenting a special boy like DM, it can take a lot out of you, but one day he is going to fully understand life a little better when he can make his own choices where he cannot make certain choices right now. I cannot go into DM’s story any further than what I have gone through it in general because I promise his family I would not divulge any information that has been told to me or I have seen personally myself. I just know that DM is a very special boy who needs some understanding of his circumstances right now is all and I am praying for him every day.

Having DM here this week has been a treat. A little trying and a little tiring at the same time, but worthwhile to keep me busy. He makes happy to see him and be with him. He is a good kid most of the time. Today was his last day to be with him for a few days. I will see him before he starts another year of elementary school. Entertaining a 9-year-old boy is something I have not done since my sister was a little girl, so I felt a little out of practice. DM, for the most part, entertained himself watching TV (Full House on Hulu) and played on his tablet/computer, made his own lunches and suppers. I was just here for him because he is too young to be by himself yet. Yes, when I have company over and I rarely have anything for children, it is a rarity to find something a kid likes on TV or on an app on Roku. It just happened that we ended up watching and listening to Full House all week from first season into the fourth season so far. Watching DJ., Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner grow up before your eyes in three full seasons was fun. I wish I had Netflix so I could watch Fuller House with D.J, Stephanie, Kimmie, and the Fuller kids grow up. Even seeing, Danny, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, their twin boys, Joey, be older as well. As far as Kimmie is concerned, Andrea Barber is a great actress, but her part is annoyingly funny. Is there such a word as annoyingly? I guess so.

Now the weekend is all mine except for the fact that I have church in the morning and my IRIS worker AR here from 5 PM to 8 PM, and again from 3 PM to 8 PM Sunday afternoon and evening. Although DM is going to be missed next week and DKF will return from her vacation with her husband SF Sunday sometime, she will be back on Monday. She and SF went on vacation starting Thursday morning around 11 AM. She is missed. Now that DM is gone for a few days, he is missed as well.

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