Rememberng the Good Shows

I am here alone…not alone…with God nearby and of course, Bing Crosby the Cat napping on the couch. I am watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation until 4 PM when the “Summer of Me” on MeTV airs Charlie’s Angels. Charlie’s Angels will air their last episode of season 3 on August 31. I will be sad when it stops airing it for the summer, but I have to admit that I only like the first 3 seasons of the show with Kate Jackson who was considered the “Smart One” on the show. I have also enjoyed watching Mama’s Family and the Jeffersons through the summer as well. How I can not remain straight faced when watching Vicki Lawrence (Mama) and Isabel Sanford/Sherman Hemsley (Louise and George Jefferson) is question someone would ask me if they did not understand the era and time when people of different race were joined together as couples or it was the beginning of whites and blacks able to have their own show on TV. The start of an era that seems to be forgotten by many who lived in the 70s and 80s, and the 90s. It is very sad to see the racial tensions once again begin to arise in this world after 30+ years. My heart aches for the good memories and the wanting to go back to a childhood that was safe. I am only dreaming.

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