My Thought on the Big C Word We Call Cancer

Negativity is one thing I do not deal with very well. I feel I fail when someone really needs me and they have negativity around them or they talk negatively about themselves. I know I am not a failure nor do I wish to be a failure to anyone at any given time in my life. There needs to be an understanding in this part of one’s life, but there isn’t. The only people who understand what I am saying here have experienced what I have themselves. I have to be true to myself as well as to others, and of course my heavenly Father and personal Savior, Jesus Christ. Did I bite off are than I can really chew and swallow when I befriended someone I have not seen in a few years? No, not according to God, although I feel I am chewing and swallowing a lot of confusion right now since I have reconnected with someone I have not seen in a few years. She has cancer and that is all she talks about right now and I am not listening to her very well because she seems so sad and sure she will not be here this tome next year because her cancer is in the last stage/stage 4. I am sad for her and I have shed many tears hearing this as another friend is dying of cancer and I have friends die of cancer for the past several years now. I hate the C word “cancer” to be very honest. It stinks. Here I am…an ungrateful friend to the friend who has cancer.

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