Taking Care of a Mishap

Living in Wisconsin has it ups and downs. Tonight it has been a little bit of a downer of evenings because some apartments got flooded from a toilet overflowing in another apartment, and the apartment directly above me and my own apartment ended up getting flowed with sewer water. It was awful, but the manager did her job and the problem has been resolved to the extent that sleep can occur for most of us. I am not too sure about me, though. It is past 10 PM and I am still up. It is going to be a long night and what an evening it has been. All I planned on doing was write in my diary tonight, go to bed by 8 PM, and get some good rest, but of course, it did not happen. Now, as good as it may sound, I can sign off for the night and come back tomorrow to write more.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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