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I have a couple of things I would like to write about today.  With DD down, I have been doing my best at writing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences elsewhere until the website is back up and running again – whatever the problem may be.  I just find it, the website, being down at a crucial time – when I really want to share something that really matters to me.  So, when the website is up and running again, it will be posted.  Okay, here it goes.

For the past two years now I have learned that my transplanted kidney has been attacked by a chronic kidney disease called Glomerulonephritis, and when I found out, it was in February 2016, and the disease itself could have begun as far as two to three years prior to the biopsy I had to determine if I was having kidney rejection or something else.  I know, after 20 years with the transplanted kidney, it was more unlikely a rejection this far out since March 1988.  Okay, now it has reached 30 ½ years since my kidney transplant.  The kidney is still functioning well enough that I do not have to be on dialysis at this point in ESRD stage 4.   Since I have to be monitored often and my doctor(s) up at the UW insisted I find a nephrologist in my city to look into my care, finding a doctor a year ago was fast.  I really like my local doctor and he takes good care of his patients.  I see him twice a month because my kidney is stable and steady as far as the blood counts show at each appointment.   My last appointment was September 28, Friday morning, and my kidney counts showed that I am still stable and even a little better than my last visit.  I know my kidney will function at 100% again, but it is still functioning to where dialysis is not necessary.  My appointment went well, and I was impressed after the initial shock passed.  I have not seen my creatinine level at 2.6 for a long time.  Maybe three years ago.  Anyway, good news from my doctor is always a blessing.

Okay, this is something I have been thinking about since September 28, when my dad called and told me that he had received my text message that my kidney was still stable and steady, and no changes needed, and he also dropped a bomb shell.  Okay, maybe not a bomb shell, but what he did share with me was a little surprising at first.  He told me that he and his wife SK took a trip to PA to visit my brother GLK and his wife (my sister-in-law) TAK.  He want4ed to find out what was going on and why nine years of no communication from him.  Yes, I was surprised at first when I heard it come out of my dad’s mouth what he had done, but then I realized that Dad’s plan to go to PA and pay my brother a little visit to find out what was going on was something he planned, I knew he would carry out his plan, and get this family back on track.  Whatever my brother and his wife have gone through since the last time I saw them – 2008 – I have hoped and prayed nothing bad happened to them and the kids (my nieces and nephew).  Since Dad has told me about the visit, I have felt the heaviest burden lift off my shoulders as soon as I got off the phone, I cried until I had fallen asleep and awakened a little later in the day.  I was so happy.  Now this family can heal from the communication gap of 9 years.  I do want this.  I really do.

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