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Good morning and happy Thursday to all the diarists out there.  It is after 7 AM here in Wisconsin on a very chilly morning.  It has just become light outside and my IRIS hired worker will not be here until 8 AM this morning because there is a client in the hospital and she is getting her hours with another client as well as me to get the hours she is losing with the client in the hospital.  I thought I would take the time to write in my diary before she got here. This means I will have multiple entries today and that works for me some days when it doesn’t work for me every day. It just doesn’t.

With what I wrote in yesterday’s diary, I will not apologize for what I had written because what I had written was nothing but the truth at my end.  No one has said anything yet, but I just wanted to forewarn everyone I will not apologize for my opinions – right or wrong.  Once someone gets me started on politics, I will speak my mind with the right people at the right time.  I have done so yesterday in my diary and I spoke to someone on the phone who is of a particular party that I am not a part of.  She understood, and I hope that I did not step on her toes too much because I do like this gal very much. She works very hard for little pay for what she does.

What are in your plans for the day?  I have an appointment with my primary doctor at 9:30 AM. No big deal really. I just do not want to go out in this cooler weather, but I have to today.  I do not miss my doctor appointments unless the doctor office cancels them.  I am getting the flu shot today.  I am not going to be playing games with my health when I have had my transplanted kidney for 30 ½ years now even though I have ESRD 4 right now since 2016.  God has been so good to me with the best doctors in town and in Madison, Wisconsin. I have no complaints.  I am happy to be here expressing my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and experiences with others.  I have my good and bad days physically because I have cerebral palsy on top of everything else.  I will write more later.  I have to run for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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