Day 2

With day one in the hospital spent and now on day two, I do have to admit that I am glad to be at the hospital in hopes to get better than sitting at home sick with an UTI that went out of control because I did not have any symptoms.  I met a doctor Dr. K who Dr. A said is trustworthy and Dr. K knows his profession well.  I ended up giving the blood lab some blood to check my renal chem panel, and the doctors wanted to check for the BK and CMV viruses because of my immune system being suppressed from my kidney transplant immunosuppressant drugs.  I asked Dr. A how soon I would be able to go home, and he told me that I will not be going home for a while – not tomorrow for sure.  I sure am missing my Bing Crosby the Cat.

            I have some med changes to get used to and my eating habits have to change as well.  I have some anxiety because I am a little confused to what is going on and asking myself what I could have done differently from preventing myself from getting sick.  Dr. A said that I was in the right place to get well and now I have to sit back and allow the doctor(s) and nurses in my care take care of me.  I will get out of the hospital when the doctor says I can. I just have to take it one day at a time for now.

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