Forgot Something of My Relaxing Day

Forgot Something of My Relaxing Day

Even though I watched/listened/glanced at the TV shows I had on HMM, and reading all day, I did have a physical therapist stop by to enroll me in home physical therapy through Mercy, but I had to decline the therapy because it would affect my IRIS PC hour time with my IRIS hired workers DKF and MC, and I cannot allow that to happen.  I hope it is only anxiousness of the therapist coming in and the fact that DKF has an appointment tomorrow afternoon after work because when the therapist took my blood pressure was taken and it was higher than usual,  After the therapist left – to not return again – I called Dr. H to ask the nurse to call me and I got answers I needed.  Calling Dr. A today was done, but because of the snowy weather we have been having Tuesday afternoon to this afternoon, his office was closed and will re-open in the morning.  I will call Dr. A’s office in the morning after DKF leaves to her next client even though I will be seeing Dr. A Thursday morning at 9:15 AM.

Now I can close up shop and go to bed.  Good night from Janesville, Wisconsin.

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