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The Rest of Thursday

I could not write anymore after lunch yesterday because I had gotten a severe headache and could not be in any type of lighting.  Yes, I had a migraine and it was very uncomfortable.  I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening, until this morning after 3 AM with a wet and cold wash cloth on my forehead and face.  I only slept six hours. I vowed today was going to be a better day.

Finished Reading “Amazing Journey, Amazing Grace”

I have finished the book “Amazing Journey Amazing Grace” written by Ken Eirich and his wife Nancy Eirich telling their stories of growing up and becoming Christians in their lives.  While Nancy and Ken told their stories about their lives before they met, the book’s title is perfect.  Their journeys in their lives and how they found what it is like to have God in their lives, and how God directed them from their ups and downs during their marriage, and how God directed them to Bible truth is indeed a journey and amazing grace.  Telling their story as a married couple is amazing.

Now if I tell the story in detail, no one will be willing to read the story.  Everyone’s faith in God is different and personal.  I have a personal relationship with God myself and I am still learning. After reading this story, I need to do some thinking, praying, and understanding God more.  After thirty years/thirty-one as of March 12, 2019, my transplanted kidney is losing its ability to function properly.  In the meantime I have to do some thinking for the next few days.  I will not be writing in my diary until Monday.  May everyone have a good weekend and God bless.

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