Kidney Update

Another few days have gone by here since I have written.  No, this time I have not forgotten to write n my journal since March 22.  I have had a busier week than I had planned because I had to get labs done for my nephrologist yesterday and learned on the same day that the iron level has not changed since last week, and I went to the clinic to get another shot that is called Aranesp.  I ended up getting 200mcg of the shot, like last week.   I talked to the nurse and showed her I also found out that my creatinine was 5.5.  I feel disappointed and my hopes were dashed when my creatinine of 4.6 last week did not stay or get better.  I left the clinic with DKF feeling down, but no one knew or saw it.  I hid it well and told DKF the news.  So here I am wondering what is next and to get labs done again next Tuesday.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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