Disgusting Habit People

I have been back from dialysis and lunch for a while now.  AR left shortly after I got back home for the rest of the day. I have the rest of the afternoon to do what is necessary to finish my journaling, blogging, and writing in my diary.  I am not usually online as I once was not so long ago.  Being online is not as necessary as it was once because my life is more private than it used to be.  I rarely leave my apartment now-a-days except to go to appointments, an occasional doctor’s appointment, and dialysis.  There is one tenant I see more than any of the 50+ tenants who live here.  On occasion I see a tenant or more smoking out at the destinated smoking area which I find disgusting, but I have no control of other people who have smoking habit.  My neighbor who I see most often smokes as well.  Some mornings the hallway I live off of has cigarette smoke that stinks and gets me to the point I have to walk fast to get outside before the smell overpowers me holding my breath.  When DKF comes, sometimes her asthma kicks in and she has to use her inhaler.  I think smoking is disgusting,  Here I am talking ill of other people’s bad habit of smoking, but I do find smoking disgusting.  It should be banned entirely.


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