Talking About Dialysis

It was a day for dialysis – my Thursday morning treatment.  As soon as I got there I was sent back, but not before DKF came in with my bag of stuff that I always take to treatment.  I was in just a little before 9 AM this morning.  It is always a big treat to get into the dialysis room before 9:15 AM in my book of life.  Who took care of me?  T (male), T (female).  They hooked me up to the machine.  L (female) unhooked me and got me ready to go home and outside.  DKF was just coming when I got outside.  I had no time to sit outside today.

On Tuesday at dialysis I had gotten dizzy in the last 10 to 15 minutes of treatment.  P (permanent male nurse) and put my chair back so I could regain my life back. They took 4.2 pounds of fluid out of me. No wonder I got dizzy.  Before I left, I had stood up and was dizzy again. I sat and waited for the spell to regain my life back once again.  The dizzy spells are no fun.  All afternoon sitting here at home, I was a little dizzy and had to sit a bit before getting up to do anything.  No falling allowed here anymore.

Today’s dialysis treatment went well.  My machine did not beep at all except to let the techs and nurses know I was done with treatment.  No dizzy spells while sitting there today, but I sure can say that getting on the scale, I had to stand for a moment or two before getting off the scale.  I had to walk slow when getting outside because my left side leg and arm were aching a little bit and that made it hard for me to move.  I was able to get to DKF’s vehicle without a problem, but my arm and leg ached, and my breathing got heavy as if I worked out very hard for a half an hour.  Embarrassing because I have not breathed that hard in a long time now.  Today’s dialysis day went well.

There are techs and nurses there that travel from place to place, and there are techs and nurses who are permanent along with the social worker and dietitian. Since I have been at the dialysis center since May 7, I have seen two techs go and a couple come in.  A couple of them will be leaving in July or August as the summer closes into fall.  I am getting used to seeing other patients come and go.  Since I began, some patients have had their times and days change. Right now I can’t change my time or day. I am getting used to it and yet get disappointed on Fridays because I still cannot go to church Sabbath morning to be with my church family.  I am going to be okay, though.

Time for bed now.  I am going to say good night and God bless.  Everyone sleep well or have the best night possible wherever you are.  It is getting late here, and bedtime is pretty much set here between 7 pm – 9 pm here depending on the day and evening.  Another day will begin soon enough, and tomorrow is going to be a relaxing day for me to read, watch some TV, writing in my diary and journal, and book.  Good night everyone.


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