Things Happen

From time to time things happen at the dialysis center.  One day I saw a patient run back into the clinic because he must have bumped his arm after dialysis, and it began to bleed.  He had to have one of the techs fix him up. Upon seeing this patient running into the clinic, he was not holding his arm to stop the bleeding and blood was spurting out everywhere.  By the time I had gotten into the clinic, techs were working on the blood droplets on the sidewalk outside and on the clinic floor.  I felt for the patient although he may not have thought of covering his bleeding with his other hand.  I wonder if he was embarrassed although accidents happen.  Today, a patient came in and ended up throwing up in a garbage can. Not a pretty sight.  Patients around him, I included, wore masks over their noses and mouth for protection.  What a wonderful thing to do for the last hour of dialysis time.  I hope it was not the flu, but I do not think it was.  The patient’s blood pressure was very high – over 200/100 for him today.  I remember 31 years ago how high my BP was when I learned I had total kidney failure and needed a transplant.  It was a scary time for me then at age 17.  I felt for the patient.  I hope his BP came down as dialysis proceeded for him.

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