Good Morning

Good morning from me, a diarist who has been up since a little after 4 AM. Being up at 4 AM is not a horrible thing around here.  Today I am awake and ready to get to “work” now that I have time for myself and Bing Crosby the Cat is sleeping in his favorite bed.  I am also watching/listening to TJ Hooker on the Decades channel as it is it’s TV programming for the weekend.  I remember watching this show back when I was a preteen and teenager before it went off the air.  I have been thinking about what happened after I got home from dialysis. I did not know that TB and KB were planning on coming sover to go through the Sabbath School lessons of the week with me until I had gotten the call from KB that they were on their way.  When they got here, I learned that TB wanted to surprise me, and it was one of the best surprises I have had in a   Doing a weekly Sabbath school less anons with friends/family has ended my day in a beautiful way.  Thank you, Jesus for having shown that my question has been answered about doing Sabbath school lessons at home with friends/family when church is not something I can do right now.  I slept fairly good last night.

Okay, since this is my diary and I have a say what I write here, I would like to share that I have a blog now as well at  If anyone is interested, my blog is God is in Control.  If any of my DD friends and readers are interested in reading my blog, you all are invited to visit.  As a wanna be writer, I have to admit that writing blogs are not easy.  A lot of thought goes into my blogs.  I am doing my best at spreading God’s Word when I can and when the Holy Spirit fills me up with the right words.  Even writing a diary is not always easy.  Sometimes I do not like writing in my diary fun like I once did so long ago.  Sometimes I find treading the world of writing difficult because of what I see, read, watch, and understand.  Please understand that my life, health, family, and God is all important to me.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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