Update on July 27, 2019’s Politics Rule?

As I sit and remember what happened last week on Facebook, I did not expect any comments from anyone and when I did, I was a little surprised at first, and then again, I was telling it like it was at the time. I am getting sick and tired of Facebook friends and family bashing/gnashing one another when it comes to politics. It floors me to tears as well as angers me.  As far as the comments go, I have come to the decision to share the comments I have gotten on that one post I shared that morning I had gotten upset over a high school colleague unfriending me.

  • Very well said, Kristi! The only time I will unfriend/block someone on social media is if they attack, degrade, demand, or if they are someone I know off of Facebook, they have done something that cannot be remedied through conversation. God is so good and my first

  • ❤️ Keep being your awesome loving self.


  • If you are unfriended, consider yourself blessed. The problem solved itself.

  • Agree! It’s what is wrong with a lot of what is going on. We can agree to disagree and respect that others do have differing opinions. I usually stay away from politics but answered honestly. Nobody has to agree with me, just get out and vote.  🙂
  • Very well said! You’re stuck with me as a friend forever ?

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