My Wednesday


             My night after 6 PM last night was a little rough.  I ended up getting a migraine and I do not like them very much.  They make me want to throw up.  The ongoing pounding in the head is not a nagging headache, but a pounding/throbbing that makes me feel ill to my stomach.  I had my garbage can at the ready just in case I needed to actually throw up.  Although I did not throw up, I still felt yucky.  Was my day that stressing?  No.  I have kidney disease and my transplanted kidney is not functioning properly anymore.  I do have to admit that I have not had a migraine for a long time. It seems I get a migraine from time to time throughout the year and last night was the first one I had this year.  When the migraine began, I do have to admit that I went to my bedroom to lay down after taking Tylenol and Benadryl to help me sleep.

A Weird Dream

            One of the unexpected things I do remember is the weird dream I had. Because I am a light sleeper, I remember my dreams, and I have weird/strange dreams about attending school with my ex-boyfriend and other high school colleagues from middle and high school (middle school in Milton, Wisconsin and high school in Janesville), stairs and ladders, a variety of colors that represent light of day and darkness of night, oranges and reds, and other colors.  Well, this dream was even stranger yet.  I was with my aunt (who was married into the family) and others who were going shopping at a grocery store.  Each of us had plans to get items on our lists and then meet up to get a ride back to where we came from (wherever that was I did not know).  All of a sudden I began seeing former middle school colleagues.  My middle school ex-boyfriend caand me up to me and asked me if I remembered him.  All of a sudden I saw other former middle school colleagues who were happy to see me.  There was a party going on.  Then, I realized it was time for me to meet up with my aunt and the others so I left the party and walked down the hallway.   I saw other people walk around the corner and I followed.  I went outside through a makeshift curtain (old fashioned accordion type of curtain).  I saw that my aunt’s vehicle was no longer in the parking lot.  Some ladies were getting ready to get on a bus and I asked them how to get back into the store.  I went to a door and found that I encountered a restaurant.  I asked someone how to get back to the store, but they told me that no such store existed.  Weird, right?

My Day Today

            Today was a semi-busy day.  DKF and I went to get my monthly groceries and I got my nails done at 9:30 AM. After my errands, we came back to drop the groceries off before DKF left for her next client.  I watched the last half hour of Matlock, watched Diagnosis Murder, and Perry Mason (movie), and now I am going to head off to listen to music before retiring for the night.  When I have non-dialysis days, I pretty much relax and do what I can and need to. Today was a lowkey day.  It usually is since I rarely have company. I do have to admit that I have not done much after DKF left.

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