Good morning and hello from Wisconsin.  I had awakened around 3 AM.  Feeling a little groggy at that hour, I rested until 5 AM before deciding to get up and have some personal time before personal cares at 7 AM  DKF got here and I had my bath, got dressed for the day, and now I am waiting for time to pass so I can go to the dialysis center for treatment for 3 ½ hours.  Yes, it is dialysis day.  With dialysis in my weekly schedule I feel I am still living a full life.  Three times a week for 3 ½ hours I away from home with other patients.  I am used to the schedule, too.  If dialyzing will help me in the long run before I am ready for another kidney transplant, it has to be done.  I have to do it or I will get real sick.  I consider dialysis home away from home as everyone there is considered family now.  The workers are awesome.

            I hope everyone has a good day.  I have to run for now.  Please pray for Bing Crosby the Cat.  He has pooped outside his box for some reason.  I hope he is not sick.  I have to keep an eye on him now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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