My Saturday Was A Little Different Today

Mother Nature is one unpredictable aspect of life; we do not have control. Today was one of those days where “she” decided to make the roads and streets of our little city challenging to drive on. It rained/sleeted during the night, and it became icy. I am surprised people are outside in this lousy weather. My ride to and from dialysis did not happen. I ended up staying home and watched movies on HMM all morning and afternoon until I came into my bedroom for the evening. It has been a tranquil day minus the noises of living from my neighbor in his apartment above me.

Now, knowing that I have no control of anyone but myself, I have to admit that living in an apartment complex with thin walls, there are some things I need not hear or care to listen to. Normal living noises are acceptable, but when it comes to hearing certain sounds, I can only assume what some sounds are. The idea of my neighbor having his girlfriend over, and they may be having sex, or he is masturbating. Do I need to hear that? No, I do not. It is making their personal lives known to others. Oh well, it is his life, and I am glad that it is not mine.

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