A Friday Well Spent and Being Lazy

Hello and good evening from Wisconsin this fine night. How was everyone’s day? My day was great. I have been lazy and I love being lazy after my IRIS worker leaves for the day. I watched Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Without A Trace, and spoke to my sweetheart. I also believe that the building’s maintenance man came by when the sunset for the night and he threw a snowball at my living room window area. How I know this is because a few seconds after hearing this snowball hitting the wall, I see the face of a man smiling at me outside coming into the building. The maintenance man is a character sometimes, LOL.

I am hoping and praying that I do not miss another Saturday of dialysis. We are expecting some more snow in our state this weekend. I have missed two Saturdays worth of dialysis already. My IRIS worker DKF will not take her clients out in bad weather during the year because safety comes first in her book. I do not blame DKF’s way of thinking even though I did explain why I do not like missing dialysis days, and because of her nursing degree, she knows the importance of dialysis as well. I am a stickler when it comes to sticking to a regimen that I am following diligently. It is not easy being Kristi Karnopp here.

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