How Was My Weekend?

How Was Your Weekend?

Before I go into how my weekend was, I am here to ask how your weekend went?

My weekend rocked. How my weekend went, I will not argue. I do have to admit that God was watching over my boyfriend KB, his mother TB, and I yesterday. The weather got pretty bad as far as having a winter snowstorm. The storm did not get bad until after we headed out to the Olive Garden for lunch and go shopping at Sam’s Club. While we were out, we saw a series of police cars and police officers directing traffic. We figured something happened or the police officers were leading us through specific traffic stops because of some of the street lights may not be working correctly. Now, when I had learned this morning (Monday) when DKF got here to help with cares, get dressed for the day, and then go on with my day, that there was an accident on I90. It was a semi hitting a car because of the roads and streets were filling with snow and slippery. We should have waited for another weekend to eat out or eat in at my place.

Dialysis Weekend

I do have to admit that having what I call my dialysis weekend is something I enjoy. My dialysis weekend begins Saturday afternoon after leaving the clinic until Tuesday morning when I return to the clinic for my first day of the week’s treatment of three. Anyway, for it being Sunday, I have today (Monday) yet before a new dialysis week begins. I enjoy Sundays.

I Didn’t Allow My IRIS Worker Come to Work Today

With the snowstorm we were having today, and I being out in it, I was not going to have my IRIS worker MC come work with/for me today.

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