Another One of Those Days

Okay, usually I am full of pep on Monday, but today I wasn’t full of liveliness. DKF and her husband celebrated their second wedding anniversary today, so I did not have any services. It was not DKF’s day off that put me in a funk. The feeling of sadness started Saturday when I learned that MC passed away on February 13, 2020. My heart is still feeling sad. All I did was sleep off and on the couch, watch Murder, She Wrote, Dr. Phil, and then decided to go into my bedroom for the rest of the night. The sunset was at 5:30 PM CST today, and that gave me the idea to turn off the TV for the night and begin writing in my journal. When I write in my journal/diary gives me solace as the words going across the computer screen form into sentences, paragraphs, as my thoughts come out from my mind onto paper. Writing is something I enjoy. As far as what happened this weekend in losing a patient, I loved dearly; I will be okay. My life will continue no matter how I feel about losing a dear dialysis neighbor in the same pod. There are three pods with four chairs and dialyzers in each pod. Yes, we have twelve chairs. At one time, I thought there were fourteen chairs available, but I was two chairs off.

Tomorrow I will get back on track with my life.

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