A Nice Day

The weather was delightful even though there is still piles of snow around town. It was above 30 degrees. For today, I helped DKF at the laundromat. I helped by folding towels while sitting down in a chair. My folding skills are better than I thought. Then we came home for the rest of her shift, and we watched an hour of Cold Case on the ROKU channel. After DKF left, I watched Diagnosis Murder, some of Tamron Hall, some of Magnum PI, and then Dr. Phil and Judge Judy. The Spectrum App was having some issues after watching The Simpsons, so I came into my bedroom to relax for a while before finding out what was on at 9 PM on HMM, then I decided to close up shop for the day. It was a perfect day.

Author: ksmiley

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