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The New Spectrum App Is No More

I have been disappointed the past few days because of the new look for the Spectrum app only lasted a couple of days before reverting to the original look. I liked the new look very much. Maybe Spectrum was having issues with the look they were testing and returned to the original, dull, and slow look. Who knows? Oh well, I will have to fuddle through the app from time to time to get to where I want to be on my Roku/Spectrum app.

How Is Everyone Doing?

My thoughts are on my Dear Diary readers and friends. The Coronavirus has come into the United States, causing great havoc. I understand that not all of the Dear Diary bloggers, diarists are from the United States, but those who are, I am praying and thinking of everyone. Where I live, there are no reported cases of the virus in Rock County, but in Dane County, and other Wisconsin towns, cities, and areas have instances of the Coronavirus. I do not knock on wood for good luck; I praise God for keeping us safe here in Rock County. I also have to admit that anxiety and panic have reared their ugly heads. Being a dialysis patient, going to the clinic three times a week, does scare me a little bit. I have to go and come back home to do what I enjoy most.

If you are in an area that is affected by Coronavirus, my heart and soul feels for you. This virus is scary, and it has scared a lot of people here—even me. All I can do for anyone is to pray and keep everyone in my thoughts in a positive way. I do not wish this virus on anyone, even my worst enemy. I am not cruel, nor do I want to be an evil person. I am one of many people who has flaws in friendships. I’ve had to walk away from friends for good health reasons. In doing so, it broke my heart to walk away from some friends. Yes, I have rekindled some friendships, but I am keeping myself at a distance. With one friend, I will not rekindle our friendship because we do not have anything in common, nor am I interested in what is going on in her life anymore. Her mental state scares me, and my health cannot deal with what had happened to her before we saw each other again when she moved back into the building. She was not the same person I met when I first moved into the building in 1998. I do wish her to be happy, but that is all I can do for her now. I am thinking of all who are affected by the virus today and always.

My Diary At Dear Diary

I have not left. I have added more to my membership at DD. I have made it work for me the way it should. I still love DD, too. As long as DD exists, I will be here. Whatever I write in my public diary will be what it is, a diary of sorts. I love the idea of being organized online here, even though my apartment organization needs significant work right now. I dislike organizing things also though I love to see organization while visiting my parents in AR and NM. I love chaos as long as I am safe from any hazard in my apartment. I’m good to go. My home shows its true colors about me. So what I write in my diary now titled My Life In Words will have fewer entries per month now.

Time to Say Good Night

It is getting late. Even though it is going on 8 PM here in Wisconsin, I have something else to do before retiring to bed for the night. Tomorrow is a dialysis day, and I do my best to get a good sleep. Sometimes I do not sleep well. I know I didn’t sleep well the night before last for some reason. I think the Coronavirus being close to home has brought me a lot of anxiety and questions that keep me up at night. I hope everyone has the best night possible, and good night Dear Diary.

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