Okay, I will be honest here. Ever since my mom’s husband introduced me to computers in the 1980s, I have been into computers and game consoles ever since. When I was seventeen years old, I got my first computer — Commodore 64C. My boyfriend at the time, SLS, had a Commodore C64. Yes, I understand that my first computer was for gaming, but I did have a word processor program that I could use. I wrote my papers in my senior year on that console.

Now, in the past thirty years, I have been introduced to other electronics in Windows and Mac OS (operating system(s)). I have used both throughout the years. When cell phones came out for personal use with telephone companies, I jumped to the chance of getting my first one with Ameritech at the time. Now, it is AT&T. My first phone was a Nokia 360, and I enjoyed it while I had it. Now, thanks to intelligent people, phones are used for more than talking these days. As if they (the phones themselves) can get smarter.

The world has evolved in the electronic age over the years — more so during my years omg growing up. With artificial intelligence out there these days, I find some of it a bit frightening. Some people have learned to create viruses, trojans, and malware to harm or overtake operating systems. That is very scary! People who create harmful programs, trojans, and malware are people I do not trust. When I had a Windows OS a few years ago, I ended up with the Lovesan virus. It took an hour or so to get the virus off the computer. My mom’s husband found a way to get the virus off, sent me the instructions to follow step by step, and I got it off the computer.

Today I use Mac OS. I prefer Mac over Windows these days even though I will use a Windows OS if it is available — at the Job Center, for instance. Otherwise, I’d use my laptop when I have it with me. I haven’t traveled since 2010 because of my ability to get from one place to another has changed. When I was able to travel, I always took a computer with me when I knew that the internet was available for me.

I have no more Windows OS computers nor android smartphones. I have a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPhone 8+, and now, since 11 AM today, I have an iPad. I have always wanted one, and I have had the opportunity to get one this month. My parents are okay with the idea of having an iPad. I was so worried that they would be upset about using my stimulus check to get my first iPad, but they said that it was my money, and I am good with my money — frugal. They were happy that I was getting my first iPad. I have been using it instead of my laptop since I got it.

The type of iPad I got is the cheapest I could find online at Amazon. I do not need WiFi and cellular. I just got WiFi. It has 128GB, it is silver, and I can receive/make calls as long as my iPhone is on. The screen is 10.7in. I find it easy on the eyes when I compare my iPhone with the iPad. This iPad is not going anywhere for a while. I have to get used to it.

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