The Sunday That Had Not Gone Too Far

I am afraid that not a lot has gone done today. My energy was not there — felt a little blah. Stayed in my bedroom most of the morning until 8 AM. I began watching Aurora Teagarden Mysteries in the morning until 2 PM, escaping back to my bedroom for comfort. Now, I know that my pharmacy delivered my pain medication, but it cannot be found. DKF will be looking for it in the morning when she arrives to help me with my care for the day. Yes, I am dealing with some pain right now. I have been given a medication called Tramadol for aches and pains I cannot muddle through — pain being 7 – 10 on the pain scale, but it needs to be found this day. I will have to wait until tomorrow. My bed is a comfortable place for me to be when I have pain. I have to be very careful with this med because it can be addicting. I am willing to do my best to get through the pain in most cases.

I love my iPad when I am in my bedroom during the day and night because I can watch TV and movies on it. I have the Spectrum TV app on my iPad, phone, and other apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV. I rarely watch Apple TV. I have decided to stop watching TV in the living room and watch TV on my iPad for the rest of the afternoon from 2 PM to when I go to sleep. I waited patiently to talk to KB and TB for worship. That happened around 4 PM. After worship, we chatted for a while before I left them to finish watching Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. The movie was a marathon from yesterday to tonight until 8 PM.

Between 6 PM – 8 PM, I had fallen asleep. I woke up wondering if I had worship with my sweetheart. Yes, I woke up a little confused. After the fog disappeared, I texted KB that I had fallen asleep and thought we didn’t have worship, but I remembered we did around 4 PM. I dislike my foggy moments. Today, my devotions did not get done as planned. I have some catching up to do with that. Four to five days worth of devotions to do. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I have a feeling that my bedroom closet is going to be done tomorrow or Wednesday when DKF is here.

My energy will be restored soon. In the meantime, I will wait patiently (if that is possible). Dialysis went well this week. I am ready to go back to sleep. The movie “Timeless Love” seems to be confusing. A story about a woman who thought she was married to a man named Thomas but found out she was not married when she woke up from a coma after two months. She lost her job because she was in a coma, so she found a temp job working in photography with a man named Thomas. She saw that the man Thomas was the man she was married to in her dream. I was disappointed in the movie. I was hoping that they would have married at the end of the film. I was disappointed with this love story. I watched/listened to Murder, She Wrote until I fall asleep for the night.

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