An Early Start on August 1, 2020

Checkbook Woes Are Temporary

Hello, and welcome to August 2020. July has left the stage, and August is now ready to do its performance for us. What are your plans for August? I don’t have a lot of projects this month. My checkbook balance is in the red because of my negligence in keeping up with my records. I can do better than that. I do not get deposits until the third of each month unless the third falls on a weekend. This month the third falls on Monday. Okay, I get it. I have to not be negligent this month on out. I have things I need to get and buy. One of the things I need to buy is a new charging cord for my iPhone and iPad. The one I have now is fraying and does not always work the greatest. Also, eating out or having food delivered will be cut down. I have to regain my tithe for God as well, and I owe monies to a couple of people. I can do this.

7:15 AM

With is being Saturday, I do have to admit that I have to spend three hours and fifteen minutes in a chair at dialysis today. I am glad that the weekend has arrived, so this afternoon I have a break from treatment for two days after 1 PM. I am looking forward to it. An update will be posted later in Life On Dialysis for my weekly treatment.


When it comes to my journaling these days, I have changed it slightly not to have large documents. I write in a journal for the month and then save the material in a folder titled Diary/Journal. It keeps my records condensed, and I do not get stressed out having a document over 100 pages if I want to print them out later on. Also, I have to buy ink for my printer.

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