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DKF is not feeling well.  She has called her doctor and has been asked to report to the ER to get taken care of.  She is in the hospital for a couple of days (maybe the entire weekend).  She was able to drop me off at dialysis and her husband SF picked me up afterward.  I am taking time for myself now.  Since DKF will not be here Friday and Saturday, I will have to do my best.  SF is going to make sure I get to dialysis and back home.

I have been watching New Detectives, FBI Files, Cold Case Files, and Beyond Belief on the ROKU channel the past several days.  I have some idea why I love watching shows in the drama genre.  I am fascinated by how cases can be solved or still ongoing because of forensics.  I can see myself solving a case.  To be honest, I could be Kirsten Vangness’s job, Pauley Perrette’s position in NCIS, and what the cast of CSI: Criminal Scene Investigation, CSI: NY, and CSI: Miami does.  What they do, although a TV program, I have an inkling on what needs to be done to solve a case.  Also, with my dad being a police officer for many years in Janesville, Wisconsin, while I was growing up as a child, is another reason why I love shows and documentaries in the genre I cannot put a name to at the moment.

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