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Yesterday I talked about my diary and the Bible.  Please forgive me for being blunt about Bible scriptures and what I read, and understand, but I need to be honest.  What is happening today marks the beginning of Jesus’ second coming to retrieve his brother and sisters who believe in him and have helped him spread the Word about our heavenly Father.  The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost/Spirit are called the trinity as God in three persons.  Isn’t that awesome?  I think it is pretty neat.  I have been spending time writing about my personal Savior and Lord Jesus Christ whenever I can because he has done a lot for me since my birth.  I may not have understood my purpose when I learned of my kidney failure and needed a transplant when I was seventeen years old in 1987.  I didn’t understand why God allowed my kidney disease to happen because He knew exactly what he was doing and why.  Now, at age fifty, my purpose is to continue spreading God’s Word, the best way I can.  With COVID-19 out there, my quarantined state leaves me no choice to share my life with Jesus in my diary these days.


I have made changes once again.  Why?  To make it easier for me when I am writing.  I have thirteen pages at Dear Diary, and My Life In Words is my diary, and the others are blogs.  I love writing, and blogging is something I enjoy doing.  I use Grammarly to check my grammar in what I have written.  It is done by choice because I want to make my entries easy to read.  I like Grammarly.  It may not be perfect, but it works for me.  It helps with sentence structure, words that are repeated throughout the paragraphs, and it helps with punctuation.  It also takes and lets you know if a new section needs to be started.  That has happened to me once, though.  Grammarly helps me write better as I learn how to write better without the program/app.  I use it less now than I used it in the past.  The program, because I uploaded it onto my laptop, can be used on the Safari web browser.  I am getting better at writing.

I have made some changes to how I write my diary and blogs.  I am keeping them in one document again.  It is so much easier.  When I put it in a blog, I put the blog’s title.  In other words, if I write in my Dialysis blog, I put Dialysis like this:


I have a dialysis update…

With that said, I have established an excellent way to write.  It works for me, and that’s all it matters.  Life goes on one way or another as long as I am alive.  I often make changes.

It is time for me to go.  Good night dear friends and readers.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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