A New Kitty

I get my fur baby today–this afternoon. His name is going to be White Magic to honor Bing. His given name at the Rock County Humane Society is Kirk, but I am changing his name. Here’s the description of Magic. He’s black–all black. My mom qcame up with the name even though he’s black. He’s 5 months old and he doesn’t know his name yet so his name can be changed. We bonded Sunday morning after a few minutes and he put a magic spell on me, LOL!

Having a cat too soon may be offensive to some people, but not having a cat has been very difficult for me. I need the companionship, and White Magic is my new fur baby to be in a few hours. Yes, I miss Bing Crosby the Cat very much. He will be missed. White Magic will not replace Bing, and he is a rescue needing a home filled with lots of love. Magic kitty is going to be loved and cared for. He’s not going to be loved the same way as Bing was loved because he’s a different kitty.

i need to have a cat. I have to have a fur baby to come home to. Having an empty space to come home to bothers me to the core. My grieving process isn’t over, and having a another cat a week and day after Bing died will help me with his loves, cuteness, and his appearance of existing living fur baby. Bing will be honored and I believe Bing’s spirit in my mind brought me to Whir Magic kitty on purpose for the purpose to be loved.

Bing died with his knees dneys going bad and a hyper thyroid issue. That’s why he had lost weight from fourteen pounds to six pounds so quickly.

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        1. I definitely have trouble with change. I can transition into a change if I am aware or told about it a few days before. I have change issues as well at times.

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