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Revised using Grammarly November 30, 2020

Life in the Karnopp household continues. I have not been on Dear Diary once again for a few days. I do have to admit that I haven’t had the time after and before dialysis these days. Magic has been keeping me busy these days as well. Dialysis has been going well. I haven’t updated because time escapes me when it comes to my schedule these days. I thought I was back, but not entirely. The Thanksgiving holiday this week threw me for a loop at dialysis because I went on Tuesday, Friday, and today (Sunday). I am watching tv on my iPad right now because my Roku went down and the remote is broken. I’ve had anxiety this week. Magic kitty got sick Friday because he got into something he shouldn’t have, but he’s all good now. I didn’t have dialysis yesterday because Friday patients were at the clinic. When the holiday comes, dialysis days are switched around to ensure that patients get treatment three times a week. I am heading to bed here shortly. It gets dark after 4 pm here. I go to bed by 6 pm during the fall and winter months. I am going to say good night and try to come back tomorrow. Tonight I am not worried about grammar and sentence structure, so please bear with me tonight. I am using my iPad. I am tired. I will get Magic’s bedtime treats, go to the bedroom, and get into my pajamas. Good night and God bless.  

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