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Hello and please forgive me for not writing anything sooner. It has been slightly stressful around here. I took some time away from writing in my journal and blogs for (what I believe) good reasons, and I don’t have to tell anyone why. I just took a sabbatical and posted when I could (willy nilly).

Life is still great here. Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day can be very hectic in my world. Anyway, my life is always moving forward to this day. I have no complaints. Please, if you believe in the power of prayer, God, and Jesus, pray for me, I did something dumb this afternoon, and I hope and pray that I do not get ill (COVID). I allowed a Fed Ex driver to put my package in my apartment, and he WAS NOT wearing a mask.

My caregiver and I called Fed Ex and lodged complaints and concerns because one of their drivers was NOT wearing a mask. Because of my blunder, my caregiver left for the rest of the day and evening. She kept me updated about her communication with Fed Ex and will get back to me in the morning before she comes Friday morning. I, too, was NOT wearing a mask. DKF has made it clear that from now on, while I have food and packages delivered, that I NEED to wear a mask because we never know if the person or people on the other side of my apartment door is/are wearing a mask to protect themselves. I pray and hope that I do not get sick with COVID. I still think, even though I made a big mistake, life is excellent.

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