Sunday, January 27, 2021

I have been enjoying my Sundays for a very long time. DKF still comes in the morning for an hour to do some work, but I do not have a bath or shower on Sundays. When DKF leaves, I have the rest of the day to myself to do what I can for myself, and that is enough for me to get by without having issues. I love my Sundays becausSe it is one day a week I can relax from my routine. I also consider Sunday my grungy day, LOL, and I enjoy a bath or shower Monday morning.

I looked up socialism and did my best at understanding its meaning. It has its pros and cons. I do not have mixed feelings about it anymore. I can understand my parent’s feelings about our nation becoming socialist, but in many ways, we already have socialism in our country in all the states. Isn’t our public libraries an example of socialism? I believe so as I have heard, yes, libraries are an example and a good one. Many businesses and organizations are socialistic. As I have thought and understand, socialism is a good and not a good thing, which depends on what it affects apparently. I can see why my parents are worried. Socialism can affect us, and the effect may not be suitable for us. Now with socialism explained, I can go onto other things before heading off for the night.

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