First of all, good morning to my friends, family, and readers of Dear Diary. I am here welcoming February and its days with the right attitude. I have a lot to tell you.

My weekend was an up and down rollercoaster ride. Magic kitty spent the night at the animal hospital because he ate something that had made him sick. God, my caregiver, and friend JM know what he ate that made him sick. I will not divulge what he ate. I am not happy with myself right now, and I am done walking lightly around here. 

This incident woke me up. At $800, I have to pay a friend $100 a month to become debt-free. I am waiting to hear from his vet to see about anything else to be done in the meantime. 

He’s home now and has been home since 7 PM last night. My anxiety has been up a bit.

I haven’t taken my blood pressure meds as directed for the longest time (since April 2019). I have NO excuse. I took them as PRN’s because that is what I heard. Last week, I found out I blundered big time, and now I am getting on track and taking my meds as directed on the prescription. I take metoprolol, and losartan is and hydralazine for my blood pressure. Since I learned what is necessary to make things right for myself, I have been taking my medication as directed. I did miss my morning and evening meds because I didn’t know they were set up for me for the weekend, and I have no excuse for that. I did not make DKF happy. Now that we are in February, I will not screw up. I did take my blood pressure meds ONLY.

I am done pussyfooting around. I have to be more serious about things. My health is nothing to play with. I am not happy with myself. I hope. Magic kitty understands that what happened to him was not on purpose. Spending the night without him was not fun. I was glad he was safe at the animal hospital because he had good care. 

It is time to be serious, and my world is changing. I have asked my friend JM to help me plan to get all my bills paid and get my debt delivered with her. That means no more dining out often. I will be using my food stamp card more for groceries. I am up for a review with the consortium in April for my food stamps and medical insurance.

I will continue taking my meds correctly, be more careful with Magic kitty, and work on being a great bookkeeper.

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