Dialysis Update

I will be honest. Dialysis this week was challenging. The pain I have is real, and it slows me down. I am dealing with pain this week. Dialysis isn’t the reason why I have pain… thankfully…. This week is the first week where my pinky finger had fallen asleep during dialysis, and I find it very uncomfortable. Not being able to feel my pinky finger is also… strange and weird. Also, my fluid weight changed. All week, the clinic techs tried to take out 3.5 kilos, but it didn’t happen. We got out a little less than 3.0 kilos of fluid because I believe it’s not fluid weight. It’s food weight. I have been eating a lot more the past three weeks, and that includes snacks. I will be talking to Dr. A on Tuesday. My goal weight has changed, and we need to find a new level my body is comfortable until further notice. I will have to wait and see about it next Tuesday.

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  1. Yetzirah says:

    I see you are here on the new site. We MAY get a notify function if Steve can work it out. 🙂 Glad to see you.

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