Please forgive me for not having an update lately.

Okay, life at dialysis has been going well lately. 

To update how dialysis is going from the beginning of the month, I have to admit that I have experienced numbness in my left pinky finger throughout treatment a couple of times during the week. This week, a new beginning on Tuesday, I haven’t experienced numbness. The fact is, I haven’t experienced the numbness last Thursday or Saturday. The reason I am mentioning this is that I never experienced numbness until the previous week. I talked to Dr. A about it, and the numbness is because the graft is doing its job. Since it was put in my arm on Sept 29, 2020, I’ve had the graft and been using it since Oct 6, 2020, and it has been doing great.

Magic Kitty 

Life with my little black kitty is a constant joy no matter what. 

He is the type of cat who prefers alone time in the afternoon. I don’t particularly appreciate leaving him on dialysis days, but treatment is necessary to keep me alive. Magic knows how to push my patient button very well. He loves to argue and retaliate when he’s being told no or get down. How does he show retaliation? He fights back. I think it’s funny because he’s my second kitty who tells me that I am not serious, and he tells me so in his tone of meows. He reminds me of my first cat Emilee who lived sixteen and half years before crossing the rainbow bridge.

Life In General –

I have to admit that I have a lot more to say now, but I do not want to write a book today. A chapter is long enough. Life, in general, is the same daily as I have a routine daily whether I like it or not. I have good days and some bad days. My days depend on the weather: the sun mainly, clouds, and temperature. My favorite seasons are spring and summer, but summer’s heat cannot be too hot, and winter is one season. The leaves on trees change colors in gold, brown, and red. We have trees around the apartment building, and they are either already dead or dying. Seeing no leaves on the tree nearest my bedroom window is a little depressing because it is dead. The companies that have taken over as property management hasn’t done anything to take care of the deceased or dying trees. I am not happy about it, but I can’t do anything about it because it’s not my control. I have to let it go. My life, in general, continues to move ahead one way or another.

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