My Sunday

Magic & My Early Morning

With Magic fed by 9 AM, I admit that I am looking forward to my day. Magic is wild and naughty, and that is normal around here. Yep, Magic is a challenging kitty. I do not yell at him, even though I do yell at him occasionally. He has to be very naughty to be yelled at. Friday night, he tipped the litter box over where some litter was dumped out, and Saturday evening, he got up on my medicine table and knocked off my pill holder onto the floor. That was one mess I picked up when it happened but didn’t organize until this morning at 5:30 AM. I have meds to take at 5 AM, so I got up today around 4:30 AM to begin my day. I am used to getting up by 5 AM Monday through Friday and 5:30 AM Saturday.

Gaming & Watching/Listening to TV –

I have been watching TV all day. It turned out to be a day of watching Murder, She Wrote on Peacock. I have a Roku system connected to my TV. Later in the afternoon, I played a game on my iPad and started listening to TV more than watching it. Magic was napping or playing with toys and getting into some trouble so I could play my games. The game I was playing took me into the evening. I have a book to read for a while, or I am playing a game. My favorite games are Words With Friends, Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells, Traffic Puzzle.

Time to Log Off –

Oh my goodness. It’s is almost 11 PM. It’s time for me to put my iPad down – stop playing Traffic Puzzle! I have been playing the game for five hours. Wow! Time to get some sleep as 5 AM will be here soon enough. Shutting the TV off for the night, putting down my iPad, and looking where I left off in my reading of the Harry Potter series and reading for a few minutes before putting it down, I have to admit that my day was one lazy day. I have to go to bed now—Goodnight, my dear friends and family. I will be back tomorrow.

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