Dialysis Update

Every Tuesday, we have doctors visit the clinic. Today Dr. A talked with me about my labs from Thursday, and he told me I am doing fine. Dialysis is cleaning my blood nicely. It pays to have a graft or fistula versus a catheter. We also talked about the urine sample I had done for my primary doctor Dr. H as Dr. H and Dr. A communicated about the culture result.

Even though I see cloudy urine, my urine is yellow and free from infection at this time, even though the culture came back saying I have bacteria. Dr. A wants me to repeat a urine sample as soon as I can. Trying to urinate now is more difficult now that my kidney has been dying for four years. The UA has been ordered with no rush to get it done. I feel that my meetings/appointments with Dr. A are worth my time, even if it is only two to fifteen minutes discussions. I feel safe at the dialysis center and home for the most part. My appointment today hasn’t been the only thing that happened today. Wait until I tell you what happened during dialysis. I was hooked up, but by two hours, with 2.0 kgs of fluid and toxins taken out of my body/blood, the machine had indicated that there was an air pocket that needed the attention of a technician. The machine needed to be stripped and set up again. I did not have complete treatment. I was unhooked an hour early and sent on my way.

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