Dialysis Update

When my dialysis weekend ended the evening of April 12, I do have to admit that I hoped my week would go well or better than the last two weeks. Today has proven to be good enough to get by, and now I have one more treatment for the week to get through before another dialysis weekend begins once I leave the clinic. I have found taking time to read does help pass the time as well. I have taken a couple of naps as well. When you are wiped out, sleep does wonders for you. Now, let’s look forward to a day of treatment and let the rest of the week finish out before repeating itself. Yes, dialysis has been going well.

With dialysis going well lately, I admit that I dealt with emotions that scared me a little bit two weeks ago. The fall I had could have helped the graft clot and not work for several hours until I had a procedure done to get it to work again. That dratted fall brought up a whirlwind of anxiety that lasted for days until recently. I need to get it in my head that there are some things in life I have no control of and let it go to God because He is in control of everything.

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