Morning I

Although sleep was hard last night, I am up now for a while. DKF will be here around 5:15 – 5:30 AM to work/for my cares. I have been awake since midnight, but I am okay. I am a tad bit tired as I had only three hours of sleep before midnight in my bedroom. Magic kitty let me sleep in a bit, but not much – that nocturnal cat of mine – lol.

At this hour, fifteen minutes before 5 AM, I have to admit that I am relieved that I could look at my account at the bank. 

There must have been a glitch in the bank’s system yesterday, and it’s running fine now. I was upset, scared that something happened to my money/account. 

I thought, “hacker.” I thought “a robbery.” I thought, “glitch.” I didn’t panic, but I felt frustration, and the tears were forming in my eyes and going down my cheeks until I had spoken to TP/TB (boyfriend KB’s Mom) about the situation. We prayed about it and discussed the lunch situation.  Yes, I’m repeating myself a bit here. That’s okay because it’s my diary. I am glad I don’t have to call the bank this morning.

Well, I have to go for now. DKF will be here shortly, and she doesn’t have the keys to get in. She forgot to grab the keys when she left because she must have wanted to get out of here fast to spend time with her husband.

Before I go, I have one more thing to add. Since I have been up since after midnight, I came out to my living room to watch Columbo on Peacock, and since the online bank portal was finally working, I had taken the time to update my spreadsheet with the bank’s spreadsheet. Everything online is up-to-date in my spreadsheet. I use Numbers or Excel and Mac’s Numbers is easier to use without a handheld mouse.

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