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May 20 —

Welcome to another day.  I’m tired. After all, I didn’t sleep well because my left arm ached.  When we expect dampish weather, my body has achy moments — a dull nagging ache that is continuous and serving.  I take Tylenol at every clinic visit.  My pain and nagging ache threshold are deficient or not there at all.  I’ve asked my mom about her pain threshold, and hers is very low or not there — like mine.  Is it hereditary?  I know that certain things are.

I have dialysis today.  That’s a given three hours and fifteen-minute treatment every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I don’t complain much, but I miss going to church on Saturday because I am an Adventist — since 1999. I haven’t gone to church since I began dialysis on May 7, 2019, and when Covid-19 came about, the church was closed for a while before reopening a few months ago.  It will be a while before I attend church. I need to wear my mask because of my pre-existing kidney disease, and the clinic hasn’t lifted the mask ban yet.  Also, I haven’t got the vaccine, so I want and need to continue wearing my face mask.

Magic Kitty —

When it comes to entertainment for Magic kitty, I don’t have to worry about him when I am gone for a while.  This morning he was playing with the toys hanging on his new cat tree only for few hours before he magically got broke the weak strings they were once attached.  Now, the strings are hanging on the cat tree without the toys, and this morning, he is playing with the fluffy ball on the floor.  He often puts the toy in his mouth and carries it to another part of the apartment to play with it without me watching him.

Magic is a one-year-old kitty now.  He is very active and sometimes wild.  He is considered my miniature panther — domestic house cat.  Yes, he’s an all-black kitty all done growing and eleven and a half pounds.  He also has the people he likes and loves.  He gets moist cat food every morning to eat all day and night, while he eats hard cat food every day and night.  He’s not a fussy eater either.  I’ve had Magic since he was five months old, and for the first week, I learned that he didn’t know the litter box.  He pooped and peed wherever he wanted.  I didn’t yell at him for peeing on my couch.  When I learned he was not using the litter box, I took the time; thanks to a dear close friend, I was given a smaller litter box to teach him to use the litter box correctly.  I was impressed with his learning ability.  He was using the litter box within forty-eight hours.  Within a week, Magic was using the bigger litter box in the bathroom, and we got rid of the smaller litter box giving it back to my friend who let me borrow it. I was proud of him then as well proud of him to this very day.

As far as the larger litter box, I didn’t have the cover on it for several weeks.  I’ve learned that some cats do not like covered litter boxes.  While a magical kitty has proved to me that he’s not one of those cats, the cover has been on for three weeks now.  I am very proud of him.

Where did name came from?  My mom came up with the name by describing his power of grabbing and pulling at the heart strings the moment I met him.  He has, since he has been in his home, brought out the name Magic perfectly.  He can do things I’ve haven’t seen my first two cats Emilee and Bing do.  Magic is an acrobat and can do things Emilee and Bing were not acrobats.

Word VS Pages —

I use Word and Pages.  Today I’m using Pages.  I’m not picky when it comes to writing my diary/blog these days.  It depends on what I’m using.  My computer has Word while my iPad doesn’t.  I’m using my iPad this morning on dialysis day.  Pages is an excellent program to use on Apple products, whereas Word is a very good program for windows operating systems.  Apple/Mac operating systems is iOS.

Time To Go

I will be leaving for dialysis in fifteen minutes.  I need to go for now. I hope everyone has a good day.

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