A Good Day

I am not going to argue how today went. It was a very good day! I got out for a while. Even though today – Monday – was our Tuesday – DKF and I went to the laundromat, dropped it off at the apartment, went grocery shopping at Festival Foods, and then we came back to my place until lunch. We decided to eat lunch at Cozumel Mexican Restaurant. We had a movie planned, but we decided to go back to my side of time and get ice cream at Dairy Queen. The film will wait.  There have been many changes since COVID-19, and people don’t have to wear masks anymore if they do not want to. That makes me nervous as I still wear my facial mask because I have a pre-existing condition/illness – kidney disease.  She ordered a small cookie dough ice cream cup while I ordered a cherry dilly bar. Then we came back to the apartment building, relaxed, and watched Hulu. We have been watching Top Chef for the past eleven seasons out of sixteen. DKF left at 5 PM, then I had the rest of the evening, until bedtime at 8 PM for myself watching more TV – Hulu and the Roku channel. It was a good day. Magic kitty, on the other hand…romped and played and had his own space or was not seen.

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