One More Before Bed

I know I have written a lot today. So what, right? It is my diary, and I can do whatever I want within reason, of course.

DKF made it to my place tonight around 7:30 PM with supper from Burger King. I had a burger and fries, and then DKF found miniature cheesecakes at the grocery store. Hers was chocolate, while mine was strawberry cheesecake. A delicious supper, too. Why did DKF come tonight? She came because she wasn’t feeling good after treatment and wanted to make sure things were going smoothly here after being here alone most of the day, except when my parents visited for about an hour before they headed out to the farm up north.

I think, even though it’s 9 PM in Wisconsin, I have my second wind in the works here, lol. I can blame the strawberry cheesecake for it, can’t I? Maybe so. Sugar is to blame — in the cheesecake, lol.  I smile at this. Hehehehehe. Oh well, the cheesecake was delicious.

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